Saturday, January 21, 2012

World War I Quilts

Quilt recording soliders who served, made in Harveyville, Kansas
Collection of the World War I Museum, Kansas City

Since we are all living through World War I in Downton Abbey here are a few of the many quilts associated with that particular war.

Another from Kansas City's World War I Museum
See more about the museum here:

It''s similar to one made from uniforms and service flags by Herbert James Smith 
in the collection of the Henry Ford Museum

Elizabeth Marthaler Stauf, Marysville, Kansas. Collection of the Kansas Museum of History
Fundraiser thought to have been made in 1915 to commemoriate Spanish American War. From WillyWonky's blog. See more here:

A very faded Red Cross quilt

The most common are signed fundraisers for the Red Cross
You can find these in local history museums all over the world

From Timaru, New Zealand

To Odebolt, Iowa

The photos of people are from the Library of Congress

Want to see more? Just do a search for images World War I Quilt or World War 1 Quilt or WW1, etc.



  1. These quilts totally link us to WWI and like u said DOWNTON ABBEY. I'm loving the entire series...takes me back to UPSTAIRS,DOWNSTAIRS. Just happen to be reading "Fall of the Titans" by Follett. Has all the same British social issues re: women's rights, child labor, etc. Lovely to see quilts from this era. Susan

  2. I love the first quilt, would be a beautiful piece to reproduce. I like the simplicity and the fabrics.


  3. It has taken quilting and Downton Abbey to get me so interested in WWI. What a wonderful post!