Monday, January 30, 2012

Document Print & Reproduction

The 10" Layer Cakes
The featured print in the 1862 Battle Hymn repro collection is a large paisley that forms a serpentine stripe.

I called it Yorktown after an 1862 battle site. It comes in 5 colorways.

Battle of Yorktown from Harper's Weekly

The document print (the source) was in a swatchbook.
We had just enough to figure out the repeat and it works in a really graceful fashion.

The document print was shades of a steel blue with accents of a true black and a pinkish tan, color combinations you wouldn't really see during the Civil War. I thought the swatchbook was about 1880. You can see in the swatch book above the paisley a very bright floral done in the new dyes developing about 1880---NOT Civil War.
The print itself seemed quite appropriate for a Civil War memorial if it was recolored in shades more like natural dyes. In the reproduction collection we did several in madder-style reds and browns, and one subdued navy blue. It's dated on the reproduction selvage as 1870-1890.

It's going to make some terrific borders.

Bettina Havig sent me a snapshot of her first border in her Hewson medallion. She cut a single stripe out and appliqued it. I told her she's a genius.


  1. Oh my! That is genius. Beautiful graceful border. Never would have thought of that. I need some. NOW!

  2. That is a wonderful use of that stripe. Go Bettina!

  3. I really like the new fabric. I would have never thought to do the applique like that. It is genius, and a lot of work too.
    I have a seperate question that deals with color ways on reproductions. Is a designer discouraged to do an exact color reprint of a swatch? I always wondered why color ways are changed and the original is seldom reprinted. Excuss my forwardness but I love the original too and am a purist of sorts when it comes to fabric reprints.

  4. This is a wonderful idea of using the border in combination with the panel. great recommendation to my customers.

  5. Wow - The serpentine stripe makes such a wonderful border. What, the interior is a panel?

    I'm curious, too, about how color way decisions are made. :-)

  6. I am impatiently waiting for my fat quarter bundle to arrive as soon as it is available in Canada. Love it!

  7. I'm so glad there is a brightly colored one! I love it!