Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Checkered Past: Free Pattern

From the new 1862: Battle Hymn collection.
The Battle of Hampton Roads in 1862 involved ironclad ships.
The print is called Hampton Roads, the colorway Merrimack Blue.
 The Merrimack was an ironclad ship.

Here's an EQ mockup of Checkered Past
Click on the PDF for a free pattern for this quilt for my Civil War reproduction collection 1862 Battle Hymn.

It makes use of 2 alternating blocks

The checkerboards are pieced of 2-1/2" squares, so it's suitable for a Jellyrolls of strips.
The star points require bigger pieces but I bet you have some scraps around.

The medium-sized print Hampton Roads would make a good border.

This print reminded me of the rivers along the Virginia coast.

Hancy Reynolds

The PDF pattern is free---not copyright so you can print it or link to the PDF to share it on your own blogs, in guilds. I encourage shopowners to give it to customers.
Hancy Pitcairn Reynolds is the face of this reproduction collection. She was born in Massachusetts and lived in Illinois and Iowa. The war touched her as it did every American. Her daughter's husband was a Union soldier who survived. Her granddaughter married a man whose father died as a prisoner in South Carolina. She's my friend Bobbi Finley's many-times greatgrandmother. We love the name Hancy and think her portrait captures the spirit of women who lived through the war.


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  2. Lovely, rich fabrics. The camera doesn't do them justice. Thanks for the free pattern and the history lesson. I like the name Hancy, too.

  3. Events come to life when you see a face with them. The spirit of Hancy was really captured in that photo.

    Great fabrics!

  4. Thanks for the pattern. I have some fabric that will be perfect made up like this.

  5. What a lovely tribute to a friend's ancestor, a woman probably very much like many of your reader's great-great or great-great-great grandmothers!

  6. Thank you for the pattern. You are very generous!

  7. I love the Hampton Roads fabric! Where is it available?

  8. The fabrics look beautiful in the pattern.


  9. Caron-the yardage isn't available quite yet. It should be in your local quilt shop any day. Precuts are out there.

  10. Thanks so much for the pattern! I've been looking for an "old time" quilt to make for an elderly cousin who really enjoys history. Several of our ancestors served in the Union Army. So this quilt and fabric may be just the thing!

  11. So excited to find this and the history behind it. I have an entire tote full of Civil War fabrics, most of them already cut into strips and various squares. This is great and will make a wonderful Quilt of Valor as thought of by a fan for a wounded warrior, sent home barely alive from Afghanistan. GO ARMY

  12. Hi I love this design and the history behind it but when I click on the link for the PDF I'm taken to the Adobe website and asked to subscribe! Is there any way to still get the pattern for free?
    Many thanks

  13. Thank you for the download. The history lesson also. I love having a face with the story. I am very excited to try it.

  14. Is the pattern download still available?

  15. Hello..when i click on the link ig takes me to adobe. Is this still available?? Thanks