Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Northern Lily Southern Rose Quilting Pattern

The quilting design for the Northern Lily/Southern Rose applique sampler is drawn from the symbol of the Grand Army of the Republic.

It's a five-pointed star with trefoils on the tips. Click on this picture and it should be large enough to print and use for a quilting design. (You have to stick that extra point on as I couldn't fit it on a sheet of rectangular paper.)
This GAR star was proudly worn by members of the Union veterans' organization known as the Grand Army of the Republic.

It's often found in Civil War Reunion and Veterans' imagery.

The GAR star fits in the alternate plain blocks in the sampler quilt and would make a good quilting design for any Civil War memorial quilt.


  1. I think I need to take the time to notice shapes around me, they do make for wonderful quilt patterns. Got one more batch of presents out today, and now I will do cards today, way behind as usual. Ready to relax and start working on some projects.


  2. A great quilting design, with allot of meaning.
    Thank you