Friday, December 9, 2011

Morris & Company Anemone

"Anemone" is the largest print in my new Morris & Company collection.

It comes in six colorways in this line.

It represents a new direction for the firm of Morris & Company as designer John Henry Dearle took over the artistic management in the late 1890s. The Arts & Crafts aesthetic developed by William Morris had evolved into Art Nouveau with sinuous lines, stylized florals and a flatter look. 

Dearle was born in 1860, the year before William Morris designed his first textile. As the younger generation, he adapted the end-of-the-century style to Morris design. This particular print was drawn for wall paper and seems to be the perfect wall-covering for the Edwardian home.

It makes a great fabric too.

I notice that I have put a date of 1876 on the selvage edge of this print.
It can't be! Dearle was 16 and Art Nouveau was still in the future in 1876.
I can't actually find a specific date for this design in my notes but I am thinking I meant 1896, the year Dearle took over as Director of the firm.

So let's say late 1890s.

Take a marker and change that 7 in the selvage to a 9 when you get your fabric.

It makes a great border as in this project from Moda

And this one from Planted Seed.
See these designs in the PDF you can download at Moda

5 Yards in a Stickley Morris chair


  1. The black with red really makes a stunning combination, always use those shades. Maybe too much, so this year it is time to try new colors and patterns. Still trying to decide what pattern to make for my bed, have ideas so will probably end up redesigning one to fit my likes and best use of the fabrics.


  2. The blue colorway is calling to me. Now I need to go out and get her! LOL

  3. I really like the blues. They are really beautiful.

  4. It's really amazing how different the same print can look in these different colorways. I love that different aspects of the design have been 'highlighted' on the different pieces. Some are calm, and some have fire! I love this design!

  5. Love the new line! I've collected a lot of the Morris fabric repros over the years, and this will be a great addition. Oh, I've used some, too! In a great bear paw quilt

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