Monday, December 12, 2011

Free Patterns From Moda

Evening Mist by Sentimental Studios

Do you ever go to the free pattern page at Moda?

You should bookmark the page and come back because we are always addding patterns.

Blush by Basic Gray

Here is how you find it:
Go to Moda's home page: http://www.unitednotions.com/un_main.nsf/main?openpage
You don't have to log in or register.

30s Playtime by Chloe's Closet
I'm picking out the more traditional ideas here but there's a lot of variety.

At the top menu line it says Fun Stuff. Click on it.
Among the menu items it says
Free Patterns---it's yellow here

Click on it

Click on Quilting Patterns and you will find many free patchwork patterns. It will say:

Simply click on an image below for more information about the pattern.

Click on the quilt and the picture appears at the top of the page. Click on this button near the large picture.

A PDF will open up in a separate window with all the information you need. Save the PDF to a folder you create labeled Free Moda Patterns.

Dominique II
You can follow many other trails here and wind up with lots of ideas.

Like the Verna Bag from Kate Spain. It's under Sewing Patterns.

Park Avenue from Three Sisters

Pashimina by Sentimental Studios


  1. I always love to check out Moda and other sites for their free patterns. It is nice to have patterns with the materials we buy and to give us ideas.


  2. Yes, I have checked them out, as well as Moda Bake Shop! It's a great resource.
    Lalexander 733 (at) gmail (dot) com