Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dogtooth Stars

We love regularity (some of us.)

But some of us love spontaneity.
A favorite find for me is a wacky star in a 19th-century quilt.

No templates involved here.

An eagle with a load of odd-shaped arrows and stars (late 19th c.?)

Reproduction eagle and star by me
These appliqued stars seem to be related to the dogtooth border technique where seamstresses slashed a strip and tucked under the points as they appliqued.

Appliqued dogtooth border

The stars were especially popular with eagles.
The stars could have 8 points, 6, 5 or 4.

Quilt dated 1898

4 points.

In the next post in a few days I'll show you how they did these free-cut stars.
Below are the allover views of some of these quilts.

See more about the dogtooth border at this post

And more about the eagle design here last year.

Quilt dated 1848 with a scallop border and a many free-cut five-pointed stars.


  1. What great examples of the Eagles and stars. There are some here that aren't in my eagle file - thanks. The Centennial Knappenberger is one of my favorite quilts, and with the closing of the NY folk ark museum I don't know when I'll see it again -

  2. These are really some beauties. I am thinking Mrs Knappenberger was wishing her name was Smith or Jones by the time she got done appliqueing all those letters twice! LOL. Thanks for sharing these.