Thursday, August 18, 2011

Northern Lily/Southern Rose Block 6

Dixie Rose by Ilyse Moore

The sixth pattern in the Northern Lily/Southern Rose pattern is a Southern rose.

Dixie Rose by Susan Stiff

Detail of Dixie Rose quilt
 made by Sarah Williams,
Anson County, North Carolina, before 1860
The North Carolina quilt project found two examples of this pattern in their search for regional quilts, both made prior to the Civil War. The name Dixie Rose had not been published until their 1988 book, but that was the name that apparently had been handed down in one of the families. Note the use of paisley shapes for the leaves in this one.
See pages 82 and 140 of the North Carolina Quilts book by Ellen Fickling Eanes, et al.

And see the full quilt at the Quilt Index here:

This block was in a North Carolina sampler dated 1855, made for Laura Brown McCallum.
See the full quilt at the Quilt Index by clicking here:

Judy Davis did a Dixie Rose for my Civil War Women book using paisleys.

The name Dixie Rose has been a part of Southern imagery since the War. Augusta Kortrecht wrote two popular girls' books Dixie Rose and A Dixie Rose in Bloom in the early 20th century, and O. Henry wrote a story called the Rose of Dixie. A websearch for the words reveals information such as one Dixie Rose Lester (born 1913) is buried in Paulding County, Georgia. You'll see a few recent birth announcements of 21st-century girls named Dixie Rose.

Dixie Rose by Barbara Brackman
I have all my applique blocks done now and I am thinking of a set.
Possibly side-by-side to make a wall hanging.

Brenda Papadakis included the Dixie Rose (at a tiny scale) in her Dear Hannah pattern several years ago.

Here's Susan's version of the finished Northern Lily/Southern Rose sampler,
 done in Civil War Reunion fabrics and Moda Bella Solids.

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  1. I love that floral design, and love the echo quilting that was done, really nice block.