Sunday, April 10, 2011

Look at Moda's Home Page

Because I am all over it. When you click on some of the frames it directs you to my stuff.
Click here:

Fort Sumter block by S. J. Gilbert
The blocks are from the Civil War Quilts Flickr group
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I'm pretty proud of that home page! Thanks, Moda!
Which gives me the opportunity to give you some links to some actual Civil War Reunion footage on You Tube.  

Fox & Geese by Carmen Maria
Two views of the 75th Anniversary of Gettysburg, one with Franklin Roosevelt.

And footage from the Ken Burns documentary The Civil War

Little Blue Basket by Theresia B.

London Square by Australia Sue


  1. Hi Barbara, what a surprise to see my block posted here this morn. Thanks! you made my day. As you can see I'm using a mix of civil war collections by you for Moda in this quilt. I have been collecting your lines since "Turn of the Century" year 2000 Susan

  2. Hello Barbara. Just letting you know that I am Australia Sue. I am a bit confused because the person who wrote the first comment under my photo of London Square, claiming that it is their block, is NOT me, the person who pieced the block London Square in your photo!!!
    Can there be two Australia Sue's who have stitched the same fabric combination?

  3. Sue---I have your London Square block identified as yours and Susan's Fort Sumter identified as hers. Sorry for any confusion.

  4. I'm doing the happy dance with Susan. You made my day too which was especially good since I had a dental appt. and I'm a major basketcase about dentists. LOL Love the reunion fabrics.

  5. Ah....I see how I became confused now! Sorry everyone!!!!! There is only one place to write a comment....Ha Ha ....He He.....It is always good to have a good night's sleep!!!..... Australia Sue