Monday, April 4, 2011

"Lately Arrived From London" Sneak Peek

Here's a preview of a Moda reproduction collection that will be in quilt shops late summer or early fall, 2011. Roseanne Smith has been making a star out of the first yardage printed for the sales reps to show to shop owners.

Roseanne uses a strip method to make these large stars, which she loves to do.

They go together well except for occasional operator error.

A little ripping...see the results at top.
She still has to piece the border but I thought you'd like to see it as of last weekend.

If you're a shop owner look for your Moda rep to be carrying the preview of Lately Arrived from London any day. The collection reproduces fabric from about 1780 to 1820. The name refers to the advertisements for ships carrying imported fabrics into American ports in that period.

There are large and small scale prints with a pillar print

and a large chintz. It's a small line of 28 skus. (Sku is commercial jargon, a word that means a single item---so 28 different items: prints/colorway combinations)

The colors are rather limited as the fabrics reproduce an early look when dyes were the basic natural colors and print styles were constrained by technology and taste. The colors range from white grounds through tan and beige to plum as in the chintz above. There's also a little red.
Roseanne added blues from my current Civil War Reunion line for her star.

I'm going to be doing a small Print-on-Demand book to accompany the fabric collection. More about all this later.

A draft page spread from the Blurb book (print-on-demand.)


  1. Oh, I don't want to have to wait for this line. It looks wonderful. Also looking forward to your print-on-demand book.

  2. I'm always on the lookout for a good pillar print! Can't wait...

  3. This range looks perfect for a few new projects!

  4. Wow - more beautiful reproduction fabrics. My local quilt shop is one of the best on the east coast, but doesn't carry any reproduction fabrics. :-( So I order a lot of my fabrics on-line, but miss the pleasure of handling the fabric before I buy it.

    Beautiful quilt, Roseanne, thanks for the sneak peek!

  5. The star quilt is beautiful. So glad she saw the mistake and fixed it. It would have been awful if it got missed, plus it was really bothering me just to look at it. ;)
    I have always wanted to make a star quilt like this, maybe this will be my fabric line to do it with. I will be looking forward to see it in a shop near me.

  6. Beautiful prints and wonderful for primitive quilting.
    Will have to watch out for them, in our local shop.


  7. The pillar print is going to be coveted by many! There just aren't that many available. And the large floral - oh my! I have been wanting to do broderie perse!
    Thank you for the Alert!

  8. Very much looking forward to your book and the fabric line!

  9. Love the sneak preview.Beautiful new line. I'll be asking my favorite shop to order it!

  10. So THIS is what you've been doing in Regency England...

  11. I happened to be working today at a quilt store--when LOW AND BEHOLD--in comes jelly rolls and charms!!! WHAT a gorgeous line of fabric!!!! are there patterns available for when the bolted fabric comes in? *~*CAROLE*~*