Friday, April 29, 2011

EEK! More Snakes

Mandee's Corn Snake
by Lorraine

A snake quilt I made.  My daughter in law has quite a few snakes so I made the quilt for my grand daughter.  They are supposed to represent pink corn snakes.  The heads and tails are "loose" and flop around...then the outline of it is quilted onto the quilt.

In  the comments on the last post Suture For a Living sent a link to her snake quilt on her blog. She used a Cheri Strole pattern.
Here's a link to buy another of her snake patterns:

Cheri does snake fabric too. Here's a Moda print.

And Denniele sent a link to a blog with pictures of quilts from a recent Australian symposium  in Queenstown  where Tania Nyboer's Stroll in the Park won an award for Amateur Traditional Excellence.
Click here to see it:


  1. These are some pretty cute snake quilts. Loose heads and tails - what fun, and I love those eyes. Who knew snake quilts could be this much fun!

  2. I just saw this post ... That is MY snake quilt! The pink corn snake one. :-)

    Thank you, Barbara,