Monday, June 5, 2023

Illinois Star Variations


A mysterious pattern from an online auction a while ago.

Yellow-green and probable Turkey red.
19th Century?

The block should be somewhere in here among the Maltese Cross
designs in BlockBase. These have at least 8 seams meeting in
the center, rather a challenge and not too common.

What makes this one even odder is the way the seams appear.
A lot of insetting ---Y seams etc.

I'm not stitching it.

Another example that looks early-20th-century but with a more
practical construction. Still a challenge though.

Variously called Illinois Star.

BlockBase+ has a pattern for #2744---no Y seams but
16 seams meeting in the center.

See the Nancy Cabot sew-along page for more about the Chicago Tribune's 1933 version from 

And as I always say when  you have more than 4 seams meeting in the center. Don't forget they have invented the dot!

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  1. I sew by hand, and prefer the blind stitch of applique to the traditional running stitch of piecing - so that's what I do, regardless. A block like this is one I think would be easier to assemble using an applique approach.