Thursday, June 1, 2023

Herbarium Applique Block of the Month

Block #1 in Herbarium, a Dahlia Wreath by Deanna Street

Over at my other blog CivilWarQuilts we do an applique block of the month each year with stories about women who lived through the Civil War. This year's is Herbarium, based on eight mid-19th-century samplers I've found with similar patterns, some blocks based on plants' natural appearance rather than the stylized roses & tulips in formal repeats that we usually see.

 Elsie Ridgley is using 1930s reproductions.

#2 is White Oak

Our history lessons discuss the importance of "botanizing" and herbariums in the science education of the mid-19th century American schoolgirl. 

Someone's Herbarium

Each block recalls a teacher, a botanist or a collector who organized her specimens into a book, a Herbarium (an Herbarium---if you don't pronounce the H.)

Nat Palaskas is going for an Asian aesthetic.

Matt Macomber loves busy prints And is great at doing innovative combinations.

The applique is relatively easy, a good place to begin or improve your applique skills.

Suzie Mullins is drafting her own patterns, drawing from my pictures.

 Rebecca Schnekenburger is adding birds, always a good addition to any garden.  

Helen Vanderloop's romantic look

Kathy Suprenant

Becky Brown
#3 Starry Wreath was just posted yesterday

And do check in at our Facebook group HerbariumQuilt. It's public so you don't have to join. Post your pictures.

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