Saturday, August 6, 2022

String Stars & Variations


"Lone Star" 82" x 80," 1890-1925
By Ellen Smith Tooke Vanzant & Mattie Tooke Morris, Trigg County, Kentucky

The Kentucky Project recorded this large string star quilt by a mother/daughter team.

Those of you who like your ducks in a row will be glad to hear that the string-pieced star covering the whole quilt top has a number in the most recent editions of my Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns and BlockBase+.


Amelia Etta Atkins, Tennessee project & the Quilt Index

The pattern seems to have been popular in the South from about 1890 on.

Mid-20th century example from the West Virginia project

Tennessee project, by Annie Belle Hodges Brown

 So, now we have a number for these whole-top designs of string-pieced diamonds.
But just when you think you have those darn ducks organized you realize....
The ducks are amuck.
Here's the BlockBase+ page of Whole Top Designs,

Which is missing many variations on that string/strip Lone Star.

International Quilt Museum #1997.007.0946

Like what if the strings and strips are wobbly?

John Sauls's inventory

Stella Rubin's inventory, perhaps

Julie Silber's inventory
Really wobbly?

Julie Silber's Inventory
Just call it a #4005.8 variation

What if there are extra stars in the corners?

Cindy Rennell's inventory

More posts on the 4003.8 variations here:


  1. I like the wobbly ones best. The very wobbly ones, it depends on if the star is still discernable. Yet... that last one is awesome in it's... what's beyond very wobbly?... maybe to paraphrase cats - "if it fits, it's stitched."? Love it!