Monday, March 14, 2022

Prickly Path in Morris Prints


So---one might have a few yards of a large scale print and be in
need of an idea. 

Strawberry Thief
Best of Morris from Moda

Looking through the pictures files of strip quilts I came upon this pattern.

Ruth Finley's 1929 book.

And if one liked making half-square triangles (HST's)....

And had a lot of William Morris reproduction prints.....

It's #479 in BlockBase and all the published names
come from Finley: Arrowheads, Herringbone, Prickly Path and
Tree Everlasting.

The pattern is older than Ruth Finley's book. I recently
saw a rare date-inscribed example in an online auction.

Juliana B. Keenan 1845
I did not buy this to add to my collection of well-worn early quilts.
In fact the fabrics look earlier than 1845---maybe 1820-1840...

The pattern does seem to be one of the earlier strip designs.

This beauty is from the Hinckley Museum in Ithaca, photographed
by the New York project.

Another early version from an online auction a few years ago.

It became a Pennsylvania favorite towards the end of the 19th century
and into the 20th, often done in two colors. This one has no history
but that cable quilting in the border is so-o-o Pennsylvania.

As is this color scheme.

It's surprising that you don't see it as a scrap quilt,
more like Juliana's above.
It's the perfect place for all those leftover HST's.

But no.

Could be time to change that unwritten rule.

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