Thursday, March 10, 2022

Half Drop Repeats


A puzzle for the quilt pattern fan.
Quilt may date to early to mid- 20th century

I had it filed under the strip quilts but it's really a block quilt.

Here's the block, a square in a square.

Pretty basic. But when I looked in the revised BlockBase+
and The Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns....
it's not in there.


There are not a lot of published designs with a single unpieced center
square like this. It should go over second from the left with a new number


It's not that I've never seen the block.

I just haven't noticed it published with a name.

Set on point in a Fence Rail Set.

Set on point... Most of these look about 1900.

Here's the block in the above quilt.

I drew it up in EQ8 and sketched it as a quilt---
But that's not the repeat at the top of the page.

The blocks are offset. Repeated in a half-drop repeat.

Instead of lining the blocks up you shift one row a half a block over.

66" x 72"
You'd need 30 blocks (Finishing to 12") and 6 half-blocks for the edges.

It would look good in the red, white & blues from my Ladies' Legacy Reproduction prints.

So how would the half-drop repeat work on similar blocks
like this one 
#2406a Right & Left from the Ladies' Art Company

Not bad....

Would that be an effective set for any square in a square block?

#2476 Balkan Puzzle from Nancy Cabot...

Which makes a pretty complex repeat when blocks are stacked up side by side.

More complex--- but an improvement?
I think it's that large plain square that makes the half-drop set work.

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  1. I love the first quilt. I'm going upstairs to start one right now. But I'm going to use my huge bin of HSTs that finish at 2 inches. Scrappy darks.