Friday, November 26, 2021

Six Know-It-Alls Giveaway


The Give Away is over. Louise (the 10th comment) is the winner! Thanks to the commenters/contestants.

Me and a few friends put on a show once a month.
We sit around and talk about antique quilts in a Zoom get-together for an hour or so.
We Six Know-It-Alls have been doing this nearly all year.

The Six

From Debby Cooney

Each Know-It-All shows a quilt to the rest of us, tells us what she or he knows and then we each
throw in our 2 cents worth. As we and our guests have different areas of expertise we try to give a fairly comprehensive view of the quilt, the fabrics and the historical context.

From Merikay Waldvogel

If you have questions and comments post them at our Facebook group: 6KnowItAllsShowUsYourQuilts

I gave away tickets to two shows, November's & December's.
(A $25 value)
With the tickets you get permanent access to the videos.
So you get more than 2 hours worth of entertainment,
(And information!)

In November we showed four quilts and had  
guest Know-It-All Alex Anderson.

In December we have scheduled guest Kyra Hicks
and we are going to talk about Masterpiece Quilts.

You can watch the trailer (preview) for November's episode #9 here:


We'll do another Give-Away for free tickets some time soon.

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