Wednesday, November 3, 2021

John Saul's Quilt Pix


John Sauls has been entertaining us at the QuiltHistorySouth Facebook
group with pictures of quilts that have passed through his hands over the years.

For quite a while he's bought and sold quilts out of Tyler, Texas
so many of his quilts have a Southern flair.

This star is pieced of fair ribbons

Some he likes so much he has kept them (many dealers
have a collection of absolute favorites)

like this one of early blocks probably set a little later.

But most of them over the years---they come: they go.

Buying in Texas, he's seen many examples of Southern favorites...

Seven Sisters

Princess Feather or Watermelon?

He's seen many Whig's Defeat designs

Perhaps you recall his booths at shows
or when he had the store in Tyler.

A block from a late-19th-century sampler

The picture he took is date-stamped 1992

So you can see his inventory pictures stretch back
a few decades.

A sampler way west of Baltimore....

Texas mule

He's fond of alphabet quilts...

Top left side: an early bird.

And of course he's seen some that are Southern quirky.

Like these wedding ring offspring.

Quite a few stars

22 quilts in this post---all sold.

I have copied 125 pictures to my John Sauls file. We are grateful to dealers who take the time to post their inventory current or past.

His ebay store:

QuiltHistorySouth page
Ask to join.


  1. Wow! Gorgeous quilts. I'll take one of each!

  2. I tried both links and they didn't work. I also tried Google search and Ebay search with no luck. I'd love to see more.

  3. They worked for me. Try EBAY John Saul Quilts in Texas.

  4. Absolutely loved this post! Simply wonderful ❤ thank you Barbara

  5. I own a 1850's Hexagon Memory Quilt out of Halifax, Vermont. With the History I have done on it I believe it to be an Abolitionist Fundraising Quilt. I had the quilt appraised by someone from the American Quilters Society years ago and they told me that the value of the Quilt along was 3-4k. With the Historical significance could be much much more. It has 80 Hexagons with well wishes. I found a book of the History of Vermont and has an influential Vermont family name all over it. Their father was a white indentured servant in the 1700's. looking to talk to someone that knows Quilt History. Please email me. Thank you. John.