Friday, April 30, 2021

Sawtooth---BlockBase+ and Vintage Examples


July 10, 1886

1886, Mrs. Reed whose recreation was "to piece bed-quilts" sent this pattern to the Prairie Farmer magazine suggesting an old fashioned color scheme of red or green on white.

Kind of like this one.

Quilters stitched a lot of variations on the basic sawtooth design
but Mrs. Reed's pattern is one of only a few actually published.

I added it to the new Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns
and BlockBase+, where it's one of the earliest published, named designs.
Marie Webster gave a similar design the name Double X in 1915.

From Webster's book.

I've got a collection of Sawtooth nine patches here with unpieced centers. 

From the Ohio project, published in their book.
I've always liked this quilt, which looks 1840-1860.

I drew it up in EQ8 by exporting the BlockBase+ file, recoloring
it and setting it side by side, but not on point. I used fabrics
from my new Ladies' Legacy repro line from Moda.

Details from about the same time

Variations date back to the 1840s at least.

From a Copake auction, maybe 1870s

That blue-violet and the paisleys and the stripes

Looks Pennsylvania German, 1880-1910?
Alternated with a plain block.

A pretty good plan.

Is that a claret-colored red? Early 20th century?

Green calicoes tough to date.

This block---early 20th century

Lowndes County Historical Society in Georgia

Several from online auctions---all look to be early 20th

Sashing a good idea---here it is in Ladies' Legacy.

About 1900

Red & white hard to date, after 1880
It's a good idea, a counter-change coloring
with dark blocks and light blocks alternating.
But she had trouble.


A 10" finished block using the BlockBase+ rotary cutting feature.


sue s said...

I think I like it without sashing better- more "saw-toothy"!

Janet said...

It’s been very hard to wait for Ladies Legacy to become available. I hope it’s not too much longer. So fun to see all the options with this block!

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