Monday, February 1, 2021

News on Encyclopdia & BlockBase+


I hear trucks came by the Electric Quilt warehouse last week
and unloaded the second printing of the third edition of my
Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.

So the books are back in stock!

Check your favorite quilt shop (on-line or real-world) to
see if they are ready to ship it yet. The books are probably on their way.

So now we are working on an updated version of BlockBase, the computer
program, which will be BlockBase Plus for PC's and Macs.

I have to warn you though....
And I have learned the hard way.

You may have to get a new computer with a newer operating system to run it.

Apparently it won't work with Windows 7.
OK, so my computer is 11 years old.
Time flies when you are having fun.


  1. But if you’re a Mac user, you may need to keep your old computer. Apparently EQ doesn’t currently work with the newest MacOS or the newest M1 Macs.

  2. I have your new encyclopedia and it's just beautiful. Thank you for updating it!