Monday, February 22, 2021

George Washington's Birthday

Today: Washington's 289th birthday: One of my favorite holidays as cherry pies are often included in the festivities.

Washington's 200th birthday was in 1932---a national celebration of the president who could not tell a lie. The H.R. Mallinson fabric company issued a line of George Washington Bicentennial silk prints, designed by Walter Mitschke (1881-1962).

Betsy Ross
These are silk crepes

Starry Stripes

 The National Museum of American History has several samples online, which I have pirated here.

Dolly Madison

The caption:
"The wheat design in black and white on a yellow ground, is an adaptation of the brocaded pattern of a dress worn by Dolly Madison during the administration of James Madison. At the time this print series was introduced in 1931, this dress and others used for inspiration in this line of silk prints were on exhibition at the National Museum (now NMAH.)"
Martha Washington

Liberty Bell

Thirteen Stars

Mallinson, founded in 1915, did well with thematic series

Dress with Mallinson's Mammoth Caves print from
their National Park series.

Until that Great Depression of 1930

Do a websearch for H. R. Mallinson or Walter Mitschke.

See Lauren Nowell's page on Mallinson designs

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