Saturday, January 23, 2021

In Praise of Volunteer Cataloguers: Rebecca Scattergood Savery


Quilt by Rebecca Scattergood Savery (1770-1855), Philadelphia

Collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Stitching one of these Sunburst quilts might be considered a
lifetime achievement but Rebecca made at least 3.

Collection of the International Quilt Museum
Plus three signature quilts
(And how many others not in the records?)

But this is not a post to sing Rebecca's praises. We need to
thank Nancy Ettensperger who has done a remarkable job
of documenting Rebecca, her quilts and her life.

Collection of the International Quilt Museum

Nancy, a genealogist, published a paper on Rebecca and her family
last April. See it here:

Six quilts from the 1840-50s and a well-documented Philadelphia Quaker life!

Nancy's webpage Ancestors & Others is described as: 
Investigating the Lives of Ancestors, Collateral/Allied Families and Complete Strangers.

She says she's thrilled to find someone reads her blog posts. I love the idea of posting a lot of information in blogs (as you might guess.) Sooner or later somebody will find it and be quite happy to have all that info.


  1. wow amazing quilt achievments thanks for sharing

  2. The genealogy paper ws an amazing piece of scholarship! Very inspiring. Thank you for the link to it. Her quilts are amazing!

  3. Hurray for Nancy and hurray for you! Without you I would never have found her blog. Thanks a million!

  4. I've always found textile history interesting - Thank you for introducing y0ur article.
    I was curious about the origins of the starburst-like block shown below the 'Royal Bridal Skirts/Madder Prints' ad. Do you happen to have any further info about this block in any of your other articles or blog postings?