Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Happy Day!


A Visual Celebration of a Long-Awaited Day!

Freeman's Auction

David Wheatcroft Antiques

Binney Collection New England Quilt Museum

Elliot & Grace Snyder Antiques

Fenimore Museum

Freeman's Auction

Laura Fisher Quilts

Massachusetts Quilt Project & the Quilt Index

James Julia Auction

Julie Silber Quilts

Massachusetts Quilt Project & the Quilt Index

Woodard & Greenstein

MESDA Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts

Credit Suisse Collection

D.A.R. Museum

Ohio Historical Society

Skinner's Auction


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Hurray, hurray, oh happy day! Decorum and humanity back in the White House. Stay safe and healthy my friend.

Judy Cloe said...

Perfect blog post for a truly happy day!

Michele McLaughlin said...


JustGail said...

Lovely patriotic quilts and quilty bits! But I don't think I'll truly exhale until later today. Maybe tomorrow.

Susan said...

I really like the first quilt pictured. You do have conservatives who read your blogs, too. =)

Angie said...

A perfect quilter's celebration! Oh Happy Day!

Carolyn said...

An appropriate display and post for such a happy day.

Cathy Trumble said...

Yes, dignity and compassion back in the White House.

Pam Weeks said...

Wonderful eagles, and wonderful wonderful day. Thank you!

Bridget said...

I love it! Long live our Democracy! May the eagles always fly over the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Maureen said...

At least two of us!

MissPat said...

The air feels fresher and there' hope on the horizon. Lots of work to be done, so let's get busy.

Marianne Fons said...

Thanks for the array of eagles, Barbara. "It's a new dawn, it's a new day . . ."

QuiltGranma said...

A lovely collection of eagle quilts, but please let's keep politics out of our quilt blogs.

Anonymous said...

Quilt Granma and Marianne Fons, you both do know how she feels about Republicans and creativity, don't you?

Marion van de Sande said...

Happy Day!, not only for the USA but for all Europe! This change has impact on the whole world. We are só glad, we watched the whole inauguration, I am so glad there's humanity, dignity, intelligence and joy back in the White house and less or no narcissism.

I only hope 45th's impact on the republicans will be less during time.

Barb said...

Liberty! Freedom from tyranny! A happy day indeed.
Thanks for sharing these great Eagle and Star quilts.

Laura Lane said...

I love all of the Eagle quilts. It is a great day to celebrate! The New England Quilt Museum is celebrating with a display of 12 quilts from our permanent collection that have flags or patriotic themes. They range from c 1850 to contemporary and will be on display until March 27th.