Saturday, November 21, 2020

Catch the Encyclopedia Discount


You've only got a day or two to buy the Third Edition of my Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns at a 30% discount price of $41.97. After November 24 the discount expires and it will cost you $59.95.

Click here:
The new BlockBase will be out in 2021

And if  you order the book at the discount you'll also get a 40% discount off the companion BlockBase computer program next year when it is finished.

To encourage you to BUY NOW! I am doing a shameless promotional post here.

Watch a video I made on the History of the Encyclopedia:

What if you gave every quilt block a number?

A post on How to Find a Block by Jenny who did a lot of the digital block drawing:

Elizabeth had a Give-Away (The contest is over now) but there will be many
more Give-Aways!

And as my dear friend ModaLissa says: "Merry Christmas to me!"

And just as I finished writing this I hear from EQ that the books arrived from the printer on Friday and they'll be shipping them soon. And they are ordering a second printing!

UPDATE---Mine arrived on Saturday---overnight express. Festive packaging. Thanks, EQ!


  1. Your link to electic quilt is incorrect. It sends you to blogger.

  2. Congratulations, Barbara! I pre-ordered your book on October 1st and can't wait to get my copy!

  3. thanks for the reminder - nearly "tomorrowed" myself to missing it!

  4. I can't wait!!! Congratulations on a second printing. That is fantastic news!

  5. Bought my Xmas present! Thanks for reminding us.

  6. Looking forward to this so much, But need to wait for a stockist here in Australia.

  7. When hubby asked me weeks ago what I wanted for my birthday, I did not hesitate. We ordered this book and even though it will come a week after my birthday, it is so worth the wait! I have used the older edition so often--can't wait to upgrade.

  8. Ordered it! Getting it from my daughter's place in TX, to our place in Tokyo, is another story. But, can't wait to see the book in person! Thank you for doing an update!

  9. Beyond excited to get the new book. I would like to point out the one advantage to my old black and white edition is that it allows the imagination to paint in colors instead of somebody with better color sense than I have giving me clues! LOL

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  11. Beautiful book! My pre-ordered copy arrived today - just in time to enjoy over the quiet Thanksgiving holiday. The paper quality is excellent and this edition is easier for my old eyes to read! I love the color! Thank you Barbara!