Saturday, September 7, 2019

Daredevils #6: Willa's Wheel

Daredevils #6 Willa's Wheel

Scroll down to see the pattern for a 15" finished block.

 #6 Willa's Wheel

Becky's actual block. She can't resist adding a few seams (more fabric!)
Fussy Cutting in the points ---you all knew she was a Daredevil.

Denniele Bohannon's block before the applique circles.

#6 by Dorry Emmer

As Dorry says, just using chartreuse makes you a daredevil.
The points in her center quarter circles are pieced.

Her inspiration: Karen K. Stone's piecing in her New York Beauty quilts.
Dorry has no easy button, she says.

Willa's Wheel was inspired by BlockBase #3561 published by Evelyn Brown in her quirky book called Quilting Do It My Way in 1975. She showed a variation she called Mountain Pink (the most traditional block in her daredevil book).

Ladies Art Company

It's one more way of constructing a popular block the Ladies' Art Company
called Rising Sun and the Kansas City Star Circle Saw.

BlockBase #3390

Added dots in the corner...Daredevils

The Block
Daredevils pattern for a 15" block.
Cut paper templates. Add seams to the fabric.
Just one sheet this week.

How to print:
Create a word file or a new empty JPG file that is 8-1/2" x 11".
Click on the image above.
Right click on it and save it to your file.
Print that file out 8-1/2" x 11". The small square should measure 1"
Adjust the printed page size if necessary.

The block would look great set all over
12 times...
or 9.

Nine of Becky Brown's Blocks

Willa Brown in 1935.

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  1. This past weekend I went to a farmers market and antiques shop in Amish Country. One booth had a red and orange quilt with this pattern and the centre of the sun was the pinwheel...perfect condition for $45! Yes, I grabbed it fast lol.