Thursday, September 12, 2019

Blogs --- Quilt History Product

Family portrait at my house in the digital age

I'm planning my panel presentation for the AQSG meeting in Lincoln next month. Terry Terrell, Carolyn Ducey, Merikay Waldvogel and I are going to talk about The Future of Chintz Research.
I plan to talk about digital age products to share one's research findings.

My favorite digital format is the blog. (I'm also going to expend a few words of Facebook, Instagram, Web Pages and Pinterest. )

I'm a sucker for visuals.

So I did a little research on blogs that interest me. Now some people will tell you that blogs are so 2015. It's Instagram and Twitter....

...except 144 characters is fit for nothing of any depth.

Editor with red pencil

Blogs----I look at them as a quilt magazine with no editor.

Here's a list of some of the blogs I get in my email feed. I did notice that many of my favorite bloggers are shall we say ---older---

My age. We like a long format. Typing not tapping on a virtual keyboard.

Jean Harlow

These blogs are not in any order and they all include people who have posted in the last month or two. Some are about quilt history. Some get out a lot more than I do and post pictures of quilts they've seen. And some just post cool things.

Add some other URLs in the comments.

Nancy Bekofske


Esther Liu

Barbara Schaffer

Lynn Evans Miller. Lynn's historical focus is quilter Emma Andres

Sandra Starley

Lori DeJarnette

Wendy Caton Reed

Telling stories through the needles eye
Kara Mason & Teri Young

Gay Bomers

Feather on a Wire
Sally Bramald

Gladi Porsche

Ageeth Dorsmann

Tonko/Thistly Room/ Mixed T Japan
I just love looking at her needlework.

Mary Holton Robare
Mary lost her blogging partner Linda Chenoweth last year but she's plugging on about Quaker Quilts. An exemplary quilt history blog.

Merikay and I are wrapping up our blog on Chintz Panel Quilts. I'm thinking about starting a new one on Regional Quilt Style: New York.


  1. Thank you for including Humble Quilts! I'm honored you are a regular reader. YOur name comes up frequently in my guild lectures!!
    NY quilts? That could be interesting!!

  2. I only follow one or two so I'll be adding a few more to my reading list. Yes, blogs might seem like 2015, but you never get the back story via Instagram. Can't wait to hear more about NY quilts, Thanks again, for all your research and sharing.

  3. Living in a rural area of Western New York I'm always interested in New York textile history, especially quilts and woven coverlets. Will be looking forward to your new blog. To me blogs are like letters from a faraway friend or sister, not unlike those pioneer women of past centuries who sent along treasured bits of fabric along with news of the family and friends. Some of us still do that. I hope blogs never fade away from the quilting scene.

  4. Oh thank you for the wonderful list! Now if I am unavailable for several hours, you know why:-)

  5. Thank you, Barbara, for including my blog! YOURS are MY favorites and a new one devoted to NY quilts would be fantastic!

  6. Thanks so much for the call out and for following my blog! You are a big inspiration for me!

  7. I am thrilled to have some new quilting blogs.... this email is shared with the genealogy blogs as well ...... they take a different frame of mind to read.

    Now I would like to share with the bloggers my happiness to read their blogs, but most of the time have nothing original to say..... thus say nothing. How much of "nothing" are bloggers willing to read?

  8. Barbara, thank you so much for including me on your list. I'm really honored! And thank you so much for your wonderful blog. Am so enjoying the current Hospital Sketches quilt along! Gladi Porsche

  9. When my son scanned my paper diary and made it into a blog I had no idea what to expect other than my scattered children would be able to see what I am up to. It may be a bit dated but oh, the friends I have made and the inspiration I have received. To be standing with two blogging friends at the big Tokyo Dome quilt show, and have a stranger come running up saying, "I know you ... you are Julie and you are Tanya and you are Carin... I read your blogs!" And, this year that new friend came from Australia to meet up with us for our yearly viewing. Over the years I have met up with a number of blogging friends from around the world and they have all been as wonderful in person as imagined.

  10. Thank you for all the addresses. I am looking forward to reading them. I am sorry the Chintz blog is nearly over. I have so enjoyed it. Are you going to publish a book of your findings?

  11. I'm with Lori - I am honored to be on your "list"! I enjoy blogging for many reasons. I can read something I am interested in and actually find it again when I want to refer back to it. I am hopelessly inept on other forms of social media. I find them fun and often informative, but also extremely frustrating when I want to find something I have seen before but is now lost forever in cyberspace. Perhaps the most important reason for blogging is that I use my blog as a form of journal that I print out ever year for my Mom who is even more technically challenged than me. Thanks for your great blogs! I look forward to them every week!

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  13. Oh no!!!! No more chintz panel blog?��
    It was great while it lasted. Thanks for sharing all the information.

    Lorie Stubbs (signing my name til I figure out why I'm "unknown").

  14. I'll add my thanks for sharing your blog list. I love reading blogs and I follow you in Old Reader. I follow Lori, Gladi and Wendy and will now have more to add to my list.

  15. Anonymous #1. A book on chintz panels? It's the digital age, kids. Books too 2005

  16. I love your blogs and can’t wait to check out the ones you recommend.

  17. Will the chintz quilt blog be available after it is no longer updated? I don't have a teenager at home to tell me how all this newfangled computer (no book) stuff works. Anonymous #1

  18. Thank you so for including my blog—you know what a labor of love blogs are. And I am sure in some good company with this list.

  19. Thank You for the blog list! Some I'm familiar with, and may have even left comments, others are new to me.

  20. Thank you for including my blog in your list. I am honored.
    I was just talking about your invaluable books in my quilt history classes at Baltimore on the Prairie.