Thursday, August 1, 2019

Hospital Sketches: Applique BOM Quilt

Janet Olmstead's Hospital Sketches 1-6

Meanwhile over at one of my other blogs....

Every year we do a free block-of-the-month quilt based on tradition over at the Civil War Quilts blog. This year it's applique---Nine very fashionable album blocks seen in the 1840-1865 period. I just posted Block #7 on the last Wednesday of July. Two more to go.

Lorraine Hoffman 1-4

Maureen's #5 with a little addition

I am very pleased with all the photos that stitchers have been posting.
Becky Brown and I worked on this together. 

Roseanne Smith

We encourage the stitchers to make it their own
by adding and subtracting elements.

Heidi Kapszukiewicz
Several have been adding birds like Heidi did.

Diana Quinn

Matt Macomber

Barb Rowland Roberts

Gladi Porsche

They post pictures on the Facebook Group
page and on their own blogs. I do a little digital
fixing, mostly squaring up the picture and correcting the
color. Gladi's color is hard to capture in a photo.

Peggy Sandfort

Pam Manning

SevenSisters on our Instagram page

Riikkaa Sarsama

Angie at QuiltingontheCrescent

It seems that people are looking for traditional applique designs---not that they all want to do them in traditional fashion.
Jeanne Arnieri

Rebecca Schnekenburger at

Quilting in a Polar Bear Garden

Nancy Bekofske

I'm plotting another Civil War applique for about a year from now. I've got to get Becky and the model makers some patterns!

Here's our Facebook Group. Ask to join and you'll get in. You can just lurk and never sew.

And you can buy the patterns at my Etsy store if you want to catch up.

As a PDF to print yourself

Or I'll mail you black and white patterns sheets.

Or just scroll backwards on my Civil War Quilts blog through the end of January to July, 2019. The free patterns are still up there.


  1. I love it when you do this! So many beautiful variations.

  2. I cannot wait to see how Matt puts his together. Wowzer!

  3. Such amazing work by everyone! Matt's blocks with the jazzy stripe background is my fav.