Monday, August 19, 2019

AQSG Fundraiser: Repro Print Scrap Bags

Get rid of that fabric you are never going to use.


Claire and I got this idea last year to sell scrap bags of  hard-to-find reproduction prints from our stashes (and yours) to benefit the American Quilt Study Group's Endowment Fund.

Last fall at the Seminar in Maryland she set up a table selling bags and yardage from her stash and others. She had many satisfied customers. And raised a lot of money for the Endowment Fund.

This October she is going to do it again in Lincoln, Nebraska, so bring some money.
The Seminar is October 9 -13, 2019 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Lincoln.

She takes cash, cards and checks.
NO CARDS. No barter.
Her table will be separate from the auction.

And bring some reproduction fabric to donate. It's a stash-busting event!

Even if you cannot make it to the Seminar you can send us scrapbags and yardage. Here's the plan:
  1. Go through your stash of repro fabrics and pick out some stuff you are not going to use. Yardage (fat quarter or larger) or just scraps (You know how crazy we are about scraps.)
  2. Iron these.
  3. For the scraps: Package them up in gallon plastic storage bags. You might want to sort these by style as customers will go for a style they are collecting. See a list of styles below.
  4. Make a label for each bag by putting a small piece of paper with the style name in the bag: e.g. Turkey Red, Double Pinks, Indigos, etc.
  5. For the larger yardages measure to get a rough number on the yardage. Pin a label with that measurement (e.g. 2-1/2 yards) onto the yardage.
  6. Fat quarters could go in the gallon bags or just make a stack of them. We'll figure it out.
  7. Bring these with you and get them to Claire when you arrive at the hotel. We'll have signs on the bulletin boards telling you where to drop these off.
  8. Or ship them if you can't come or you don't have room in your suitcase.

Shipping instructions:
If you ship to Virginia put a note in the bag so it shows:

VBerger 214 S 13th St. Adel IA 50003

Suggested Styles: You might collect bags of these:


Turkey Reds

Chrome yellows & chrome oranges (cheddar)
prints and plain

Blacks and mourning prints in gray


Double Pinks

Period solids

Green calicoes


Madder shades


Prussian blues

Woven Plaids and Stripes


Rainbows or Ombres


Make up your own style category. Or just throw a bunch of unsorted scraps into a plastic bag. We'll price these by the bag so fill them up.

Read more about the Seminar, October 9-13 in Lincoln this fall.

UPDATE: Post Sale---last I heard from Claire we made over $3,000 for our long term endowment fund at AQSG.. Thank you very much


  1. What a fantastic idea! And, yet another reason to be depressed about not being able to come this year. I will send out some packages to Claire this week. Thanks for taking this on!

  2. Fabulous. However, I am the proud (?) owner of 85 silk ties which need a home. Would she accept those, and if so how should they be packaged? Thank you in advance for your help.

  3. OH! How I would love to come and find some neon fabrics!!! What a great idea!

  4. Oh I have yards and yards and yards of our neons .... BUT I am not ready to part with them.....

  5. Claire said - I might have some neons in my quilt house...will look.
    for Tina - Silk ties would be good...how about packaging by color? I will send a sample of a neck or head ornament that could be made from these. Will look for other patterns.
    I'm planning on contributing some quirky things and original antique fabrics.
    If you can't get there let me know what you are looking for.

  6. Thanks. I've packaged up 82 silk ties, 12 per gallon bag, and one bag with 10 ties. Also packed up one gallon bag with 2 yards and 1 yard of homespun. Now, it is off to the UPS store.

  7. One box is on the way from Houston -- some 30's prints, 30's solids, some purple/brownish scraps, and even some Morris Apprentice. I know the shopping will be great. Wish I could be there.