Friday, November 30, 2018

Stars in Her Crown: Victoria's Royal Children---Ten Week Quilt Along

Stars in Her Crown: Victoria's Royal Children
 Ten Week Quilt Along

One of my favorite things about deep, dark winter is watching Masterpiece in bed on Sunday nights (while the other TV has football). 

I've been loving the Victoria series and am looking forward to Season 3 when the children keep coming (Victoria and Albert had nine)---as do the Prime Ministers. A Quilt Along about Prime Ministers doesn't sound too promising,

Although I did find a design for one in the humor magazine Punch in 1847

A better idea: I've been reading about Victoria & Albert's offspring.

The Royal Oak (with many acorns)

Mark, Becky, Denniele, Janet Perkins & I are conspiring on a 10 week Block of the Week dedicated to the junior Royal Highnesses from Crown Princess Vicky to Baby Beatrice. I'll post it here on Saturdays beginning January 5, continuing through March 9, 2019.

Nine blocks and a border.

48" x 48" with the border
A small quilt with 12" blocks
I'll also give you a pattern each week for 8" blocks.

It will be British-looking. Inspiration includes patchwork like the George III medallion in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum:

We were inspired by the color and the look: the idea of a field of patchwork. Ours will be based on square blocks.

 The patchwork won't be so complex.

Similar quilt attributed to Jane Pizar at Cheltenham

With color derived from the 1797 Sundial quilt in the Victoria & Albert.

It's not a quilt for beginners. The best way to do it might be to piece it over paper foundations.
Each week you'll get a pattern for a triangular paper template. Repeat it 8 times for the block. You can also do template piecing with the pattern by adding seams.

The blocks look harder to piece than they are. There are no Y seams—no curved seams. The hardest part is getting the seams to meet in the middle of the block. But remember you can always applique a circle over that central seam and it will look great.


Becky Brown's stack of prints, blues, greens browns and reds

We're embracing the whole idea of a romantic Victorian look.

Denniele's will be rather delicate, lights with a blue focus.

Mark Lauer's palette is blues, browns and lilacs,
a very British look like the one below.

This antique quilt actually has a shirting print fabric with pictures of the nine royal children.

We hope you'll join us. Start thinking about fabric. As it's a small quilt you won't need a lot. For the 12" blocks I'd buy:
Background: Neutral or statement-1-1/2 yards
10 related fat quarters if you want a lot of variety
Or 5 half yards for a less scrappy look.
For the 8" blocks---Maybe 3/4 of a yard for the background.
           6 fat quarters

The first block will be posted Saturday January 5, 2019. If you subscribe to the blog by email you'll probably get an email on Sunday.

And even if you don't sew along you'll enjoy the royal gossip.


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh boy! This looks like a fun one! I'd better cross a few UFO's off the list before then!

cityquilter grace said...

i agree with wendy! i've got some ideal fabrics that have been waiting for a quilt like this....looking forward to it...and i love PP!

Jeanne said...

Interested and heading off to think about colors ...

Lori said...

You are so creative!!

Anonymous said...

I`m in!


Denniele said...

I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful Queen Victoria blocks that will be coming...and soon!

Joni said...

I'm right with you on watching Victoria far away from the "football tv". Love Mark's colorway. Can't wait!

Priscilla said...

Awesome! Looking forward to this. Love reading your blog posts.

Susan said...

Whether I make them or not, I'll love seeing them all!

Mark Lauer said...

Can't wait to see what everyone will come up with!

Iherba said...

Fantástica idea.

Barb said...

this looks like good practice for my foundation piecing.
Love Royal gossip and I too loved the series.
Fun New Year project

Rosa said...

I'm looking forward for it.I'm a lover of paperpiecing patterns.

Have a nice day.

Esther said...

I´m looking forward to seeing that first block in january so I´d better have a look at my stash.

Jill said...

Sounds like fun. I will probably decide to make templates of each piece....I like to hand piece your Quilt Alongs.

belarmina said...

Esto suena muy muy bien. Estaré atenta

Unknown said...

Love your books.

Unknown said...

Yes I would like to be on the list for the quilt along.

thatfabricfeeling.wordpress.com said...

I'm a huge Victoria fan. After starting the series on Masterpiece I was given a bunch of books from my sister's deceased mother in law's collection. Apparently, Nancy was a huge fan of all things royal. I was intrigued at the stories of all these kids, many of whom married and went on to royal courts all over the globe. I am totally on board with this. I just hope I can keep up. I would like my quilt larger.

Wayne miller said...

sounds like fun

Chantal said...

Not sure if I'll join but I will definitively follow the story. I too love Victoria on Masterpiece. It is my "Do not disturb Mom" moment. Thank you for doing this for us and for all the researches. I appreciate it. Wishing you a wonderful year! ;^)

Unknown said...

It looks like great ! I've just discovered your post. Lovely. I try to find out all the posts about it :) .