Thursday, November 15, 2018

Southern Quilts: Beulah Ketchie's Family Quilts

Is this not the perfect Southern quilt?

We are doing a little virtual collecting here. I found a 2014 auction at "the old homeplace of the late H. Lee & Beulah Ketchie" between Mocksville & Statesville, North Carolina. York Auction advertised "+/- 50 vintage Country Quilts" and a quilt frame. Beulah Griffith Ketchie was born in 1910, so I doubt she made many of these quilts that look to date from about 1880 to 1920.

Another perfect Southern quilt

She was married to Hubert Lee Ketchie and was a homemaker according to her obituary. Beulah died in 2002. She and H. Lee Ketchie are buried in the Society Baptist Church Cemetery.

Here's a link to the auction. Beulah & Hubert had a lot of stuff.

The Ketchie homeplace

Some of the quilts sold at the auction:

Too bad the blues faded but it is still spectacular

Horizontal grid, strong sashing and strip border

Beulah must have been the caretaker for these quilts
which look to have survived the 100 plus years well.

This is an exception---could have been made anywhere and
the blues have really held up.


  1. Thanks for the link with the pictures of so many of the auction items. They definitely were collectors - so many crocks, a row of plows, and all those pocket watches. Lovely seeing some of their quilts.

  2. Hi Barbara, I was at that auction and came home with 3 of her quilts. I was talking to her granddaughter and she told me her Grandma Griffith made most of those quilt. There were like 100 quilts there. Many were in bags in the way back that they never got to. THOSE were the ones I wanted, but the auction was just too big. I came home with a 9 patch, a feedsack, and a square u=in a square mourning quilt. All over stuffed with thick batting and quilted with a baptist fan pattern. There were so many beautiful quilts there. I was kinda shocked to see this show up on your blog. Funny how things work. I can send you photos if you'd like. Just tell me where to send them.

    Lisa Wagner

  3. I was wrong, I did come home with 3 quilts, but that string quilt was one of them. I have that quilt. I thought I bought that at another auction a week later.


  4. Lisa- what a coincidence. Send photos to MaterialCult@gmail.com

    Grandma Griffith---I'll do an update to this. It's so great to see a body of work by one woman.

  5. I did some genealogy work on this as well. When I get back from my appt today I will send you everything I have.

  6. Did you get the emails I sent you? I sent them in 4 separate emails. Thank.