Thursday, October 4, 2018

Raffle Quilts

No Two Alike
Kansas Prairie Guild in Topeka

A short survey of some recent raffle quilts giving you an idea of what quilters are making lately.

New York Radiance
 Courthouse Quilters Guild  New Jersey, 2015

Disconnected Pieces Guild, Florida

Hancock Shaker Village

Friends of the Queen Anne’s County Library, Maryland

Quilts in a Stitch Guild, Wisconsin

Umpquah Valley Guild

Kaleidsoscope Stars,  Janna Thomas design. Loveland Guild

Boise Basin Guild

Garstang Patchwork Quilters

Webster Guild, Designed by Judy & Brad Niemeyer

Hannah Dustin Guild

Brooklyn New York Guild

Just do a websearch for Raffle Quilt 2018. You'll see some great work.


Anonymous said...

Magnifique ! I love !

Unknown said...

OMG. These are awesome. How far have we come, quilters!!