Monday, August 21, 2017

Path of Totality

Today's the big day under the Path of Totality.

We are miles southwest of the path 
but looking forward to some strange eclipsean things around here about 1:00 today.

Inspired by this circa 1900 quilt from Julie Silber's inventory I thought about
doing a brickwork quilt to recall the event.
I love those diagonal brick strips.

There aren't very many quilts of brickwork aslant.
It's probably the general bias against diagonal grain.

Holmes County Amish

You don't need a pattern. Cut rectangles twice as long as they
are tall, say 3" x 6" (2-1/2" x 5" for precut strips) 
Make strips; connect them in half drop repeat,
like laying bricks.
Set them on the diagonal and trim into a rectangle.

From about 1910.
Digitally manipulated

Small quilt; From about 1945

Or just use shaded strips.

Digitally manipulated strip quilt.
You could have this top done by the
cocktail hour today.

It's sort of like a Jelly Roll Race quilt
except diagonal.

Look at this tutorial for diagonal Jelly Roll strips from Becky Kercado :

More about brick quilts at this post:

Don't forget to include the date:


  1. Great idea. Eclipse quilting. And I thought there was nothing new under the sun - wink!

  2. We're having tequila sunrises later today, Wendy.

  3. It was amazing to witness. I only took pictures of the abstract shadows on the gravel with hundreds of tiny crescents thru the big apple tree...maybe the quilting portion of the quilt? It was over too quick!

  4. I really like this idea, problem is there are already too many quilts started. Sure wish you could have joined us, we had 2 hours and 19 minutes of totality.