Sunday, August 13, 2017

Happy Hour

From the Reiter Baltimore Album in the collection
of the Museum of American Folk Art.

Around here everybody else's autumn sedum looks like this.

Mine looks like this.

Last year I thought it might be deer nibbling but now I know the culprits.

Not only do the house finches demand a free drink every evening,
they want a salad bar too.

Photographic evidence. Mrs. Finch to left of pole about to
help herself.

From the Connecticut Quilt Project
and the Quilt Index.

It's one thing to lose your fruit to the birds.

But the whole plant! They balance on the top of the stem,
bend over and take a bite.

The sedum keep trying to bloom.

I could of course stop providing a happy hour.

But I guess I enjoy the finches more than I would the
pink flowers.

These last few birds are from a book Karla Menaugh & I did a few years ago. Juniper & Mistletoe is available in our Etsy shop.

Juniper & Mistletoe by Georgann Eglinski
and the Sewhatevers

The birds squawk if they don't think there is enough water.
I run and get them more.
They are as spoiled as the dog.


  1. Great post. I had no idea the birds would eat that much of the plant. Love that top block. Thank you for sharing. Have a great Sunday.

  2. How fun to see the quilts and the real-life birds and flowers! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Fun post. *smiles* We enjoy our birds, too, and have just spent a delightful while on the porch watching hummingbirds worry and fuss over the nectar in our feeder. They are quite entertaining.

  4. The birds and critters here have me trained also -- seed, water, peanuts, suet, nectar, cracked corn ... whenever anyone requests :) I keep thinking I should do Juniper and Mistletoe, I've had the book since it first came out.

  5. LOL! Birds rule your life too! I get the blackbirds indoors if I leave the door open and I'm a bit slow with the mealworm treats! One used to sit on the roof of the greenhouse when I was inside - hint hint - it's time! Robins on the doorstep too. Love them dearly.

  6. Funny. The birds leave my sedum alone until after bloom time is over. I don't cut them back until Spring so they are available to the birds all winter.

  7. Okay, I'm going to stop complaining because everyone else's sedum is just starting to bloom and mine bloomed last month! LOL That's amazing. It must taste really good. I love how it normally spreads and spreads and comes back up. A friend came by with her four pit bulls and one decided to sit right in the middle of my plants. Luckily, they'll come back up straight next year. LOL The quilts definitely document the birds eating sedum, I think. =)

  8. I'm pretty sure the deer are responsible for deflowering the Autumn Joy sedum in my garden. Along with lots of other things, even stuff they supposedly don't eat. My husband says there are eight of them in our backyard right now. Guess it's time to spray the Liquid Fence again.

  9. What a great story! I always tell people if you don't want the deer in your garden you must plant Hosta (their favorite!) in your neighbor's yard. As for the finches, I think I too would prefer to watch them over the sedum flowers.

  10. Great post! thanks!