Thursday, November 17, 2016

Framed Hexagon Sets

Quilters' Guild Collection at York UK
See all their mosaic patchwork here:

Time to get those Morris Hexagons set together.
That's Nancy's top. Don't scorch it!

More ideas:

Hexagon blocks can be framed with other hexagons.

By Mrs. H.D. Moore, Stevens County, Minnesota

Long hexagons...

About 1880
From the Michigan Project & the Quilt Index

Or really long hexagons

About 1900 from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

The green pieces here are strips cut with 60 angles at the end,

like long hexagons.

For our Morris Hexathon blocks the sides would finish to 4".

The shape can be squat or long.

Godey's Lady's Book showed the pattern in 
September, 1854
and the Ladies's Art Company sold a pattern about 1890
called Brunswick Star,

which may have been the source for this quilt
from about the same time.

The Kansas City Star called it Golden Circle Star in the 1930s.

Elizabeth Hartman's book cover

You can also add seams to the frames.
Add a triangle in the corners, about 1920.

About 1970

Same concept, shorter and stubbier frame---
it's a rectangle and a triangle.

Deborah's Sushi Roll from a class with Lee Fowler.
Triple frames.

More triple frames, vintage quilt.

Dutch Stars & Hexagons

Or piece the frame out of hexagons and diamonds as AdyQuilts did for her copy of an antique Dutch quilt.
See the whole wonderful quilt here:


  1. I love Dutch Quilt star! It's magnificent. I'm sadly behind on my Hexathon blocks so can't contemplate a new project yet but I'm putting it on my list.

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