Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Baltimore Blues: Winter Migration

Winter Migration by Sharon Denney Parcel.
Pattern in McCall's Quilting magazine (Nov/Dec 2016 issue)

Sharon Denney Parcel made a lovely winter quilt from my latest reproduction fabric line called Baltimore Blues.

The pattern is in the magazine or you can download a digital pattern for $6.99 from McCall's site here:


You can also buy a kit for the top for $119 from the magazine:

Sharon has written a blog post featuring a technique for making the pinwheels inside the Martha Washington star in the blocks:

Make the quilt now. Put it on your bed in July when you could use an early frost.


Monica said...

Yes, I think I would prefer the blues in summer too!

But it is beautiful!

Nann said...

The pattern caught my eye when I read my copy of the magazine. I noted that it uses your collection. Monochromatic quilts like this one are so restful!

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful... and the fabrics do remind you of a winter frost.

Roseanne said...


Janie said...

That is a lovely quilt in Baltimore Blues!