Thursday, May 12, 2016

Morris Hexathon---Sharing Images

Westminster by RCCheryl

 We're off to a great start on our Morris Hexathon, 26 posts in hexagonal geometries.

Suzie K.
Post pictures of your finished blocks on our Flickr page:

See the link over on the right. I'll leave it up all year.

Jeannne A


Jeanne's going to make 2 in earth tones and Morris-sy prints.
I found this on her blog

Denniele is trying out this idea.
She posted it on her LouannaMary Facebook page:

I'm also going to keep track of the posts on this Pinterest page.
Click once and then once again on the picture and it SHOULD
link you to the pattern URL.


I recently came across a series of satirical paintings by Max Beerbohm done in the teens for his book Rossetti and His Circle. The originals are in various museum collections. His cartoons are very funny to those of us who feel we know the Aesthetes. Above the painter Gabriel Rossetti is showing his sister poet Christina Rossetti some "stunning" fabrics. The dour Christina seems uninterested. She was a fan of taupe.
Read the book here:

See a faded version of the print above at the Tate site:

Next block: Saturday.


Jeanne said...

Are those Morris Jewels in the Rossetti painting? :)

Thanks for featuring me!

Anonymous said...

Great inspiration! I can't believe Dustin's matching. Does he do these things because he's a masochist? =)

Rosa said...

So beautiful.I haven´t began .I was handquilting and care my father.

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a reason I liked her! Kathe