Tuesday, May 17, 2016

An Eagle Quilt by Charlotte Angus

Watercolor of a sampler quilt by Charlotte Angus
for the WPA and the Index of American Design, 1940

I collected a few eagle block pictures for my Facebook
page this week,

images related to this quilt in the Christ Collection
that is in an exhibit opening at the Virginia Quilt Museum today.
American Pride: Eagles and Stars- Quilts from the Pat and Arlan Christ Collection.

Charlotte Angus Stefanak (1911-1989)

And I came across this one in a National Gallery of Art photo, which pictures Charlotte Angus painting a quilt top in 1940. She was employed by the federal government to record American art for the Index of American Design. The location of the quilt top is lost but  her watercolor is at the top of the page.

These eagles seem to be a regional pattern in Ohio's Miami Valley,
a subject which Sue Cummings has explored.

Here's just one more eagle. They are also found in Pennsylvania.

The Virginia Quilt Museum

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  1. I love eagles on quilts! So many varieties and variations.

  2. Ditto - love eagles on quilts. I have decided to add an eagle center to a hand pieced Lemoyne star quilt I am making and the challenge is deciding which one to use for inspiration.

  3. Amazing quilts, thanks for sharing.

  4. Eagles are the best!! These are gorgeous!!