Sunday, April 3, 2016

Kaw Valley Quilt Guild Show 2016

Sedona Star by Shari Novak Johnson.
Quilted by Kelly Cline.

Shari's quilt grabs your eye as you walk in the door.
She made it in a block of the month workshop.

The design is by Sarah Vedeler.

Marmalade, an old top quilted by Kelly Cline.

The Kaw Valley Quilters' Guild show is over today April 3, 2016 at 3.
Drop by at 3430 Iowa in Lawrence, Kansas. The show opens at 10.

Two Kathies in charge of stuff.
See more here:

17 Birds by Karla Menaugh

We do a miniquilt raffle every year benefitting various charities.
Color Play is by Georgann Eglinski

Winter Stars by Kathe Dougherty.
Quilting by Sandra Morgan Cockrum.

Gemini Rainbow by Kim Rodman

Almost a Lady by Roseanne Smith

The Life of Riley by Claudia Mozur

Hot Mess by Deb Rowden is another mini you can own.

The City Sewers have been working on this quilt
for five years. It's wool, and embroidered with
things we've overheard (or said ourselves)
plus important events.

Linda just bound it with period green rickrack. Lovely finish
for a unique group vision (as we might describe it.)

I'll show more of this later.


  1. I say, you have an accomplished bunch of quiltmakers there. I don't know of any quilt shops around here that could sell a BOM requiring as much skill as that first quilt. Lucky ladies to have such inspiration and good company.

  2. Looks like a fun and diverse show!


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