Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Heavenly Vision From North Carolina

Emily Maxwell and her Heavenly Vision Quilt
about 1955

I found this charming quilt and its story at the North Carolina Museum of History.

Heavenly Vision made by Emily Margaret Eller Maxwell (1867-1957) 
North Carolina, 1952
85 x 67"
Collection North Carolina Museum of History

 Maxwell "said that she had been sent a vision of heaven and that God told her to make this quilt."
Note the "HV."

The Museum has a wide-ranging collection and the website gives much detail about the quilts and the makers. It's really an exemplary site.

Quilt from the Roach Family

Friendship quilt, apparently made in New York,
date inscribed 1845-1855
Collection North Carolina Museum of History

Medallion with a pillar print center

Collection North Carolina Museum of History


Suzanne A said...

Fantastic. I didn't know this collection existed.

WoolenSails said...

That is an amazing quilt and reminds me of what other artists have done to interpret heaven.
What a treasure and always love the stories with the old quilts.