Friday, October 23, 2015

Morris Earthly Paradise: Quilt Market Introduction

Moda is introducing a new reproduction fabric line of mine at Quilt Market this week in Houston: Morris Earthly Paradise. 

"Our latest collection of William Morris reproductions is named Earthly Paradise for an epic poem written by the great designer. He had many talents, among them novelist, publisher and political activist.

"The fabrics in Earthly Paradise capture the Morris look with seven prints from old swatchbooks and catalogs. Graceful florals dating from 1874 to 1910 include some rarely seen prints by the master and his apprentices. Transplant Morris's Earthly Paradise into your own home with quilts and craftsman decoration inspired by a unique garden view."

Here are links to Moda's pages about the fabric and the project quilt:

Morris Earthly Paradise
Project Sheet

Morris Earthly Paradise is scheduled for April, 2016, delivery to shops. For another project....

I plan to do a six-month quiltalong,
Morris Hexathon, from May to October, 2016
on this blog. We'll make various hexies as
we discuss a little Morris and hexie history.

We'll be making hexagonal blocks
with 4" sides. 

More later!
Below are the prints in the new collection:

Compton is the signature print for the line.
We've printed the large floral in seven sophisticated colorways.

Compton was designed by John Henry Dearle in 1896.
Dearle took over as lead designer at Morris & Company
when Morris retired. 

Carnation #8336

A small floral, Carnation was designed in 1877 by
Kate Faulkner who worked for the firm in its earlier years.

Vine #8335

Vine is one of the more obscure Morris designs.
It was a woven wool tapestry. The only photo I've ever seen of Vine was in a black and white catalog dated 1910, which attributes it to William Morris (although Morris had died in 1896). 
The copy says it is a hand-woven tapestry in green, red or blue colouring.
We've added a gold.

I'm quite pleased with our transformation from
tapestry to cotton print.

Fritillary is  also a directional print, great for
borders and fussy cutting.

William Morris designed Fritillary for wallpaper
about 1885. Why is it called Fritillary instead of Sunflower?

If you look closely behind the sunflowers you can see the fritillaries---
 bell-shaped blooms with dotted coloring. Morris enjoyed
naming his prints for the minor players in the field.

#8332 Thistle is another J.H. Dearle design. The monochrome
was printed as wallpaper. The date is a little obscure on this pattern
so I put 1910, when it appeared in a catalog.

You can see there is quite a color range to this line.

#8334 Willow
Willow is a Morris signature pattern, produced as wallpaper in 1874. 
They also printed it as fabric later. 

The company did several variations on the willow leaves. This monochrome has small bubbles floating behind the leaves (you sometimes see the leaves without the circles but we left them in as it adds more texture to a classic design.) 

Chrysanthemum, a classic by the master,

Seven colorways here showing the range.

Customers will see it in the spring.
Shop owners this week at Quilt Market.


  1. My, what a gorgeous line of fabrics - such wonderful colors and designs! I'll be coming back to look at these more than once.

  2. This Morris collection is a tad different and I LIKE it. April seems like such a long way away... I do hexies so May to Oct will be fun.

  3. Lovely soft colors, and I've got my eye on the Hexathon.

  4. In my personal opinion, this line has the best color palette yet of all your Morris fabrics. No one else could get me to do this, but I look forward to trying your hexagons in Spring.

  5. Looking forward to the collection AND the Hexathon!

  6. I didn't think you could top the last Morris line but oh my it is lovely. Never should have doubted you!

  7. Wow! I can't wait for this range. You have outdone yourself. Plus the hexagon Sew along sounds like fun.

  8. I'm so glad you came to your senses. From your sister.

  9. These are all gorgeous! Very much looking forward to this collection.

  10. Congratulations,your new line is an eye candy,so gorgeous and fresh .Sure you willl sell many items at Market.
    Hope to join the Hexathon.
    Have amazing day at Market

  11. I believe my sister did not care for the Morris Jewels coloring.

  12. Soft organic designs and color, beautiful.