Saturday, October 17, 2015

Baltimore Album Quilts: Strip Sets

Baltimore Album style quilt
Shown on the Antiques Road Show

In my index to Baltimore Album style quilts
I have mostly 5x5 block grids.

This category of exceptions---strip sets---is a small one.

Mid-century Baltimore album blocks, perhaps set together
with a Turkey red strip border about 1880-1900.

It looks like the quilt-setter had 15 blocks
and two floral vine borders.

And no interest in appliqueing two more borders.

Her solution to create a strip set is a good one, but an idea rarely followed. I only have two in this category of  BAQs.
Essentially the borders are in the wrong place.

Dealer Jeff Noordsy with a strip set BAQ

This quilt-setter had 4 blocks and 4 borders.
Her strip solution is interesting too, but it didn't seem to catch on.

So here's my category for Baltimore Albums in strip sets, 2 pages.

Here's a detail of the center block in Strip 2,
perhaps a strawberry wreath with a dove of peace.
The bird may be cut from a print and appliqued

I like the small categories. I'll show you some more of them soon.


  1. What fantastic borders on that 1 strip! Is there a better picture of this quilt somewhere? I look forward to your other exception posts :0)

  2. Thanks for sharing Barbara. Love these solutions to make a full size quilt. gr. Carin

  3. Those are the best photos I was able to find.

  4. Fabulous borders and quilt ans great tip!
    Have a fun day.