Sunday, May 17, 2015

Union Blues and Taupes

A stack of quilts by Kathe Dougherty

Kathe Dougherty is a fan of taupes and neutrals.

 I focus on the blues in my Union Blues collection. She sees it as taupes with some blue for contrast. 

For her little quilt she emphasized the contrast between the fabrics.
She used a charm pack of 5" squares, cut off two corners of each square and filled in with triangles of
this subtle floral...

8290-19 Concord in Bronze

Leftover triangles went into a flying geese border.

You need a charm pack and a yard of extra fabric for Kathe's design.

And we have a Mini-Charm pack, 2-1/2" squares,
if you want to work at a small scale.

Denniele Bohannon is also emphasizing the contrast between the taupes and the blues. She's working on a sunburst.

She cut a 60-degree diamond template and designed as she stitched. Chopping the edge into a rectangle is always painful but the results are great. Kelly is quilting the top right now so hope to have a finished photo to show you soon.


Jacqueline said...

What's not to love about both of these designs with your fabric.

Jeanne said...

I really like the first one! I'll have to see if there are still any charm packs at the shop ...

Rosa said...

Both are just awesi and if I have to choose one would be the díamonds.

Have a fun week.

WoolenSails said...

Those really look beautiful in those shades and prints and I think the sunburst really shows off the contrasts, nicely.


Denniele said...

Loved working with your Union Blues. For me, the attraction was the blues....guess I won't have to fight Kathe for fabric! Thank you for sharing.

Susie Q said...

What a hoot that Kathy D... doing repro.... lovely small quilt.

Ondrea said...

Absolutely stunning!