Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Union Blues & Richmond Reds Ideas for Precuts

My Union Blues collection has been shipped to shops.
Look for yardage at your favorite store.

I've been doing a little sketching in EQ7,
thinking about Moda pre-cuts in the 5" system.

Surely someone's thought of this pattern before

Alternating blocks of rectangles

and four-patches

I thought about combining my two most recent
Civil War reproductions
Richmond Reds and Union Blues.

They both have a good range of darks and lights.

Probably the easiest way to set this would be to
combine the blocks in strips, one strip of rectangles,

one of four patches.

The hardest thing is to get the checkerboard alteration of dark and lights to work by
rotating the blocks on the design wall.

My inspiration was an antique quilt I saw online.

What if you turned the strips on the diagonal?

That's actually the way the vintage quilt was set.
Which makes it pretty wonderful.

And then there's the border on the original.
It's outrageous.

I haven't got a real pattern here. Just some ideas.

Start with squares. Cut some in half

Cut some in quarters
Piece them together.
You'll have to trim the rectangle squares to match the four-patches in size.
Make strips.
Play around.


  1. I like the diagonal setting. Not sure I'd add a border. Thank for the beautiful quilt idea.

  2. Good ideas. This line looks great, your star project has me looking at color rather than print, and I'm lacking blue. This line will be a perfect filler for my basket of CW.

  3. I am so fond of blue. Can't wait to see the fabric in my quiltshop.

  4. The lines look fabulous.The blue ones my best fav!

  5. That diagonal quilt is Mountain Mist #50 Shadow Trail, Brackman #232. And Linda Pumphrey has a pattern for it in the newest issue of Fons & Porter Love of Quilting.