Friday, April 17, 2015

Altered Quilts

Natalie Chanin, Aunt Mag's Chicken Recipe

She's added applique and embroidery to an old quilt.

Natalie Chanin shows these quilts in Alabama Chanin.
See this website:

Natalie Ball and Gina Adams are showing altered quilts in two installations at Johnson County Community College's Nerman Gallery in Kansas City. Both artists derive their inspiration from Native American history.

Two pieces from Natalie Ball's "Mapping Coyote Black."

From an interview by Dianne Carroll: "Coyote is famous, everyone knows from countless oral and recorded stories that Coyote is a trickster. I offer Coyote to viewers as a woman, the avatar of myself as artist."

Detail from Gina Adams's installation "Its Honor Is Here Pledged"

Adams uses a technique similar to Chanin's but appliques letters onto vintage quilts. 

“I have been cutting out the letters of entire broken treaties, pacts written by the U.S. government and signed by Native American tribes.These pacts promised tribes money and power in exchange for the rich lands they had called home for possibly thousands of years."

The installations are on view until May 10th.
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Mandy Pattullo works on a smaller scale.

You can't have this one because I bought it in her Etsy store.

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  1. Mom always said not to say anything if you couldn't say something nice....
    This new trend is pretty, but it's like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. Grandma's quilt has been graffitied. Is nothing sacred? If you want to add to a graceful old quilt make a reproduction and then add to it.
    Sorry I just don't approve.

  2. I'm struggling some with this, myself...


  3. Love these altered quilts. You're inspiring me to get out my great grandmother's quilts and do something with them. Thanks!