Sunday, February 22, 2015

Waiting for Our Ship to Come In

You may be waiting...

and waiting for your ship to come in.

And not even realize that it's already here.

It's just not getting unloaded.

The other day I was complaining to my friend Bettina
that I hadn't gotten any new fabric in awhile.
She sez:
"Do you think the West Coast shipping troubles could be a factor?"


World trade issues affecting me?

How many bolts of fabric are sitting in the dock of the bay?
(This is bolts Photoshopped onto a ship)

Read this article on fabric and the shipping back up:

No it's not a quilt. It's a ship full of containers waiting to be unloaded.
This is an actual picture from the air.

This also might be relevant to the lumber I am waiting for on my new front porch.


  1. I always get a chuckle from your "art"!
    Ha, fortunately I have a two-or-three-lifetimes-supply of fabric here, so I can be patient about the new stuff being delayed.

  2. That does look like bolts of fabric, lol.
    They make the fabrics over seas?


  3. i hope there aren't too many quilting pirates....

  4. The top pic of the side is a photoshop of bolts of fabric - lol. The lower pic of top of containers I can't tell. Almost all fabric we use for quilting is made overseas; mostly China, and a bit in other places. Only a couple fabric lines are American-made, and they proclaim it proudly. I recently went down this rabbit trail.

  5. I"d love to be there todo get some bolts Great pics!

  6. Looks like the dispute ended Friday & there was a return to work yesterday, Feb. 21. But sadly there's a "months long" backlog to unload. The new contract is only for five years, so just to be safe I'm gonna stock up on fabric I may need in 2020.

  7. Loved the pirate ship with the hearts. Let me know which container that fabric is in I'm just down the road from that port. Which is nutty that this stuff has to happen. They get paid so much and then if they clock out one minute over 8 hour day they get double time for two hours from what i hear from people who work there Just crazy to me!

  8. Well, one thing I know for sure and that is I can't find your fabric Best of Morris - in the precuts or yardage. Was not sure if the usual shops just did not order or what is going on.... you blogged in shops middle of month... and it is just about March.

  9. That's what I'm talking about. Patience. Patience.