Monday, February 16, 2015

The Morris Jewels

Moda's sales reps are showing quilt shop buyers another color collection
of my Best of Morris line. 

We printed a separate line of the same prints called the Morris Jewels. Yardage is scheduled to be delivered mid-July with pre-cuts like Layer Cakes in early summer. 

Morris Jewels in Pink Garnet colorway
Here's the description:

William Morris meets pure color in The Morris Jewels. Fabric historian Barbara Brackman has updated favorite prints by the nineteenth-century design master. Twenty-first-century color means jewel tones that give today’s quilters a range from pink garnet and emerald green to sapphire blue and topaz. You’ll love putting color on color with these classic yet contemporary prints.



Sapphire Blue


See a PDF with more information by clicking here:

Spectacular fabric calls for spectacular plans. I haven't seen a square inch of this fabric YET, but I have been Photoshopping.  I'm thinking explosions of color.

Maybe tamed with a yellow Bella Solid as a neutral.

Lime Green always makes a good neutral.
The inspiration here is those turn-of-the-century
Pennsylvania stars.

Actual Star quilt from southeastern Pennsylvania about
1880-1920. From Cowhollow Collectibles.

William Morris meets the Pennsylvania Mennonites.

Virtual Star quilt
The collection also offers 10 colors shaded in Grunge fashion,

adding another layer of texture.

Would William be on board?
He WAS a radical in many ways.

More Photoshopping for inspiration

I can Photoshop a lot better than I can sew 
so these are not going to get made.

Unless, of course, you readers accept the challenge.

Scaling back the dream blocks......
Here's a pattern for a 32" block from BlockBase & EQ7

And a link to a pattern Lissa did for McCall's Quilting about a year ago, using 2-1/2" Moda
JellyRoll strips.

They offer a free download.

You could re-color it, sorta like this.


  1. The fabrics look spectacular! Can't wait to see them in person.

  2. Wow! Love these colors AND your "art"!
    Jeanne :)

  3. Oh my goodness, Barbara, what a completely exciting collection!! I hope I will not have to travel too far to find it. :D

  4. This fabric collection looks fantastic!! So much gorgeous color and beautiful prints - I can't wait to get my hands on some!!

  5. Oh my, I see Sapphire, Emerald and grunge type in my future! these are gorgeous!

  6. the Morris Jewels are aptly named Barbara! what fun we will have with these...can't wait!

  7. I am ecstatic!!! Love that they are going to let the fabrics have color.
    I will need to get every one.

    Please try to get them to reissue your modern designs with color too. I loved those but they were too grayed/browned. Art Deco wasn't like 19th century repros. Would buy all of those too.

  8. Wow wow wow. I love these and can't wait to get my hands on them! I love that you share what's coming for us to dream about,

  9. Your art is fine, elegant and classy. Scanning and taking pictures of your work, enough to make them resonate with the internet youth is really a big favor from you to us. Thanks for sharing that, Barbara! More power to you and your craft!

    Ed Campbell @ Champion Online Marketing

  10. It serves as an inspiration for fellow quilters to explore their creativity, experiment with different techniques, and create stunning works of art.