Monday, January 5, 2015

Threads of Memory BOM Free Pattern Posts

Threads of Memory #1
Portsmouth Star
by Jo 


Over on my Civil War Quilts blog I did a free Block of the Month pattern in 2014 for a series of original stars called Threads of Memory.We're on to a new project over there but I thought I would post this page with the addresses for the 12 monthly patterns.

UPDATE 2017: I've taken the patterns down but left the stories up there. You can buy a PDF or paper pattern here:https://www.etsy.com/listing/484994362/threads-of-memory-civil-war-quilt?ref=shop_home_active_3
Threads of Memory #2
Mercer County Star


For my models I chose these red, black and white stars by Jo who did such a great job of interpreting my designs in graphic fashion.

Threads of Memory #3
New Garden Star

Each block symbolizes a true story about slavery, escape, emancipation and freedom---an accurate form of "Underground Railroad" quilt. The blocks are named after locations important in the history of American slavery. The stories celebrate courageous individuals.

Threads of Memory #4
Canada Star


Threads of Memory #5
Madison Star


Threads of Memory #6
Salem Star


Threads of Memory #7
Oberlin Star


Threads of Memory #8
Jacksonville Star


Threads of Memory #9
Lancaster Star


Threads of Memory #10
Britain's Star


Threads of Memory #11
St. Charles Star


Threads of Memory #12
Rochester Star


See Jo's Flickr page with photos of this set of blocks. She made other sets and has lots of her work to view here:

And read the post with yardage for the "official set" here:

Thanks to Jo for doing such a fabulous set of blocks!

Our Flickr page for this series is here:


  1. Those are beautiful blocks and I like it with the patriotic colors.


  2. I really enjoyed this BOM. Thank you so much for sharing the blocks and all the information that came with each block.

  3. Wow,anyone is absolutely beautiful and love your fabric combo.It will be great read about anyone.Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Jo T! Great fabric choices.

  5. Being an appliquer and not a piecer - I was immediately drawn to the cute waving figure on the bottom block. Where is this from? I am intrigued

  6. That portrait of Jo is from the 1930's Nancy Pae pattern called the Brothers & sisters quilt. I bet you can find a pattern on the web.

  7. So good! Love Jos blocks. Love this blog too. Thank you.

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