Wednesday, January 14, 2015


This joke is only funny in English

And even then.....

I belong to a stitch group called the City Sewers.
We find this pun endlessly amusing.

Then there are other meanings

Someone at the Piece O' Cake blog has a sophisticated
sense of humor. Becky collects shots she's taken of her
feet and the sewer.

Wait a minute. What's that say?


  1. There's a wonderful book called Quilting with Manhole Covers by Shirley MacGregor featuring designs taken from the manhole covers found on the streets of Japan. Have you seen it?

  2. That last one is too funny! I saw one recently that said "storm sewer". That sums it up perfectly for me. When it snows - I sew!

  3. When I had to fill out forms in elementary school I put my mother's occupation as "sewer." She sewed in a factory. It was only years later that I realized how strange that might have sounded!


  4. Sometimes I can be seriously thick. Now I get it! I'll be looking down with a new purpose, instead of always looking at the clouds!

  5. So now I have to check out my towns drain covers and see if I can find one that identifies the town. Would be fun if everyone started posting pictures from their home towns

  6. That is funny and a great play on words.


  7. You put a smile on my face with that one! My guild had a manhole challenge. Members were challenged to make a manhole cover with an image that celebrates our city. It was a fun and interesting challenge!

  8. Hah!! Thanks Barbara, for brightening up a dreary, chilly day here in Texas! I'm going to have to keep my eye out for more of these ...

  9. Inspiration galore - no time to put into action.
    I've seen sewer covers with "t" on them... I always imagined the T's were for Terri, me.

  10. Love, love, love today's post. Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us.

  11. Yes, if you want to see some pretty fancy man-hole covers, Japan is the place to do it... And many of them come in color too.

  12. I love these. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Now I understand who made Sanitary Commission quilts - the Sanitary Sewers!

    I've often mentioned the sewer v. sewer meanings while doing sewing classes and quilt talks; it's almost always good for a laugh. (And yes, some quilts do "talk" to some of us.)

    I'm go glad you share my warped sense of humor.

  14. Well I have learned a new thing today... Sewer means 'riool' in Dutch... and manhole cover is a "putdeksel".
    Now I understand the pictures above!
    And who would think that a "sewer" would be inspired by a "sewer" !!!!