Saturday, September 20, 2014

William Morris: Working on a Best of Morris Line

Mostly Morris by the Heritage Quilters of the McHenry County Historical
Society, 2014

The McHenry County Historical Society and Museum in Illinois  is selling tickets to win this quilt made from my William Morris reproduction collections for Moda. The Heritage Quilters have used Jeff Gutcheon's Card Trick pattern with a selection of blue-greens and wine-reds.

It looks like the border is this piece from the Morris Apprentice
line of a few years ago.
Click here to read more:

The drawing is November 12, 2014.

Moda and I are working on a Best of Morris collection, which the sales reps are showing to the shops this month. We took my favorites and did a little recoloring.

See what's coming by clicking here:

Another form of sneak peek is the Moda catalog, which you can view by turning the pages at this link:

My Best of Morris collection begins on page 83.

(Just so you don't get indignant that your shop hasn't got these fabrics yet, remember this catalog features future lines. The catalog is for shop owners so you will have to wait to actually buy the beautiful fabrics.)

 While you wait, I thought I'd show you some more Morris projects I've found on the web. You still may be able to find the fabrics the clever stitchers used or you can wait for the Best of Morris, scheduled for February, 2015, delivery to shops.

Reia at My Patchwork home decided to try some
curved piecing with a pre-cut pack from the Morris Apprentice line.

She worked from the center out

improvising and photographing as she went on....

to finish a Morris medallion.

Read more at My Patchwork Home

Ann Marie at AMSewing pieced a Kansas Dugout
pattern from JellyRoll strips of A Morris Tapestry

See her method here:


My old friend Judy Martin has included William Morris reproductions in the Sisters Log Cabin quilt patterned in her book Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts. (We worked together at Quilters Newsletter when we were mere children.)

Sisters Log Cabin by Judy Martin, quilted by Lana Corcoran, 102" x 102"

Read more about Judy's book here:

It looks like she used the Morris Tapestry line too.

I'll be posting more about the Best of Morris.


  1. Bette Davis looks marvelous!

  2. I have been trying for a while to buy your Best of Morris collection but cannot find a dealer who carries it. they all have Richmonds' Reds and Ladies' Album but not the Morris one. could you help me?
    I simply adore your work!

  3. Missouri Star Quilt Company will have Best of Morris available Friday March 6, 2015.