Sunday, September 14, 2014

Richmond Reds: Document Print for Austin

Every mid-19th-century reproduction collection
needs a sprigged floral.

Austin from Richmond Reds for Moda

The 19th-century scrapbag was full of small-scale sprigged cotton prints,
a standard for clothing for young and old

from the "sprigged muslin" of Jane Austen's era.....

Fiction from 1797 in which a 
young woman complains that her husband has denied her
 "a small sum to purchase a piece of sprigged muslin,
 which struck my fancy."

to fashion advice from The Delineator in 1922:

"Sprigged cotton prints are made into quaint little dresses with straight lower edges and separate knickers."

A sprigged cotton according to the Oxford Dictionary of English, is "decorated with a design of sprigs of leaves or flowers..."

The document print for Austin.
(The document is the original antique fabric.)
I dated it as about 1860 to 1890, although these small sprigs are 
such classics they run throughout the 19th century and into the 20th.

A swatch of #8306-11
the reproduction.

The Austin print comes in two shades
of pink as well as brown, tan and red.

Buy yards of it! I'm telling you:

You'll find it useful for reproductions from all eras.

Antique quilt about 1820-1840

About 1840-1860

About 1840-1860

About 1870-1890

About 1870-1890

About 1880-1920

About 1880-1920


Why did I name it Austin?
I was looking for city names North and South for this Civil-War era
collection and that town in Texas has a ring...


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  1. It really makes a difference from seeing a quilt on the bolt to seeing it in a quilt. Love the shades.